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Deconstructeam have been pushing the boundaries of video game narrative for over 10 years, but for the first time ever, the Valencian developer is offering their thirstiest followers a truly physical - rather than metaphysical - experience for their orifice of choice.

To commemorate the launch of The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood earlier this year, the studio has teamed with sex toy company Uberrime to launch a real-life, functional dildo “inspired” by the God-like girth of Abramar the forbidden Behemoth.

The result is a body-safe silicone monster cock suitable for only the most wicked of witches. The lucky recipient will soon wield the awesome power of Abramar and enjoy ecstasy in exile as a beast in the bedroom—as well as DIY tarot card kits to craft their own fate-divining decks.

- Deconstructeam